This is my life

and I ?#@*&%! ♥ being myself.
I am watching you. ^^

Who am I as a person?

Firstly, I perceive studying and living in Denmark as a life-changing experience and a great opportunity to move significantly further in my career, mainly because of the progressive and constructive educational system. When I was looking for a university, which would perfectly meet my requirements, I was not fully satisfied until I found your institute. The Multimedia Design and Communication programme offers me a unique opportunity to combine both business and education in my field. Furthermore, I always loved to surround myself with amazing people who share the same interests and passion for work.

What can I do for you and your business?

I have been working in the field of web development and web design since 2010. Throughout those six years, I have worked on a large amount of various projects which required both advanced organization and development skills. One of my biggest accomplishments is developing a complex content management system designated for e-commerce administration. I have also built a fully automated Minecraft server. The active community of more than 10 000 players made it one of the most successful Minecraft projects in the country. Furthermore, I have developed a social network as a coursework with a team of 3 people to be used by students of our school for better organization of studies. It allowed me to understand the importance of communication and organization while developing such a big project. In addition, I have also worked for a company in the Czech Republic as a front-end developer where I had a chance to design and develop an intercompany network for a Swiss client.

What are my passions?

Lastly, I would like to point out my passion for traveling. I prefer to travel with friends because only then I can truly discover different cultures and explore the world. Three years ago my friend and I spent one month in Liverpool and London. I also visited an award-winning international language school in Liverpool and achieved a certificate at Upper Intermediate level in English. A year later, we spent a month in the USA, where we visited the New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I also spent 5 weeks at Sri Lanka this summer.

I am a conscientious self-motivated visionary with enthusiasm for designing process, who always prefers to work in a team. I am also a lover of brainstorming sessions, who believes in hard work and perseverance. My hobbies include traveling, books, photography, self- development, following news about technology and coming up with new projects.

I like you too, when do we meet?

Get in touch with me via or any of my social media profiles.